Energy Solutions

WayPoint Systems is uniquely qualified to evaluate the efficiency of your facility and provide affordable energy-saving solutions.

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Welcome to a world where efficiency and optimization have a quantifiable benefit to your company leaders and your building inhabitants. WayPoint Systems strives to provide you with comprehensive Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) that can reduce your building’s operating expenses by 10-20 percent. With a keen focus on investments with short term payback like lighting control retrofits and chiller plant optimization,  through long term projects such as Energy Awareness programs and non-invasive Pneumatic to DDC retrofits, WayPoint Systems provides modern day solutions that integrate systems, structure, service, and management to enhance corporate and community image.

Energy Solution

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits are one of the most popular Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) being utilized today. Their ability to provide substantial energy savings, increases in productivity, and state-of-the-art functionality are driving this market and its solutions in new and innovative directions. With solutions like Broadband over Power Line, Occupancy Detection, and T-12 Magnetic to T-8 Electronic, WayPoint Systems is uniquely suited to provide the latest in lighting efficiency technology. 

Chiller Plant Optimization

Chiller Plants are among the most expensive operating costs of medium to large commercial buildings and are usually quite beneath their energy optimization potential. Recent advances in digital control system technologies have sparked the development of a number of Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) including Variable Speed Control and Chilled Water Supply Reset. Compounded with long term continuous commissioning efforts, WayPoint Systems provides some of the most flexible and unique control strategies in today’s market. 

Air Handler Optimization

What happens to the space temperature in an unoccupied office? The savvy home owner raises or lowers his or her set-point based on the season when he or she is out of town. Why shouldn’t your office spaces automatically do the same? The Ascent Microset 4 is the thermostat of the future. When integrated to the existing building management system, the Microset 4 allows the owner to track temperature, humidity, CO2, and after-hours usage. With WayPoint Systems’ optimized control strategies, that information can be harnessed to achieve substantial energy savings at the air handler level while also providing a simple, intuitive way of billing for after-hours usage.

Building Automation

Building Automation

WayPoint Systems has been providing Alerton solutions in Georgia since 1999.  An independent leader in automation systems, WayPoint utilizes the leading technologies to apply the best solutions to any building.  WayPoint is leveraging today's innovations to provide integrated solutions for HVAC controls, electronic security, surveillance, card access, utility monitoring, lighting controls, custom visualization, big data management, electrical power monitoring, and total building integration.

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Our team has been serving customers since 1999, and our commitment and dedication to our clients show in everything we do. We invest in training to keep our skills up to date, and every team member has the authority to make decisions to get their jobs done on time and within budget.

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WayPoint Systems Building Technology services - from state-of-the-art smoke evacuation and security systems to integrated video systems.

Energy Solutions

With over 10 years of leadership in advanced building technologies, WayPoint Systems is uniquely qualified to evaluate your facility’s efficiency.

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With our talented team of education specialists and our full line of the industry-leading brands, you can trust WayPoint Systems.